Small Space Home Workout Equipment Essentials

These affordable small space home workout equipment essentials will leave you feeling great.

If you enrolled in a gym membership early this year and haven’t used it yet, you’re not alone.


Is traffic one of the dozens of things standing between you and your workout?

Don’t let this happen to you!

There are lots of benefits to swapping your gym card for an at-home fitness routine:

  • Convenience: Most of us spend at least 15 minutes driving to and from our local gym. You can be completely finished with your workout in just the time it would have taken you to drive to and from the gym!
  • Fewer excuses: It doesn’t matter if you are snowed in or you worked late. If you’re not on travel, your home gym is always available to you.
  • Holistic approach: If you dread going to the gym and thrive on a more holistic approach to personal fitness, an at-home gym may better suit you.
  • Time efficient: There is no need to wait for equipment when the equipment is all yours!
  • Cost effective: Why not put the extra money you will save ditching your gym membership toward a self-care getaway?
  • Amenities: Where else are healthy snacks and post-gym refreshments all-inclusive?
  • More time outside: Most of us are cooped up in offices all day. Rather than running from the office to a treadmill, you can combine at-home free weights with a short jog around your neighborhood for additional health benefits.

The average monthly cost of a gym membership is $58. That amounts to $696 per year, or $3,480 over a 10-year period. Here are our favorite hacks for creating a home gym for a fraction of that cost.

Small Space Home Workout Equipment Essentials

jump rope

Creating your own home gym doesn’t have to be expensive or require a lot of space.

At Healthy Human, our mission is to Live Life Healthy. To us, movement is central to feeling our best every day.

From cardio equipment that you don’t have room for to expensive tools you don’t know what to do with, the world of at-home gym equipment can be overwhelming.

Not to worry! We’ve separated our favorite small-space home workout equipment essentials into three main categories:

  • For your muscles: These are our favorite tools that will help you built up muscle and strength.
  • For your mind: Self care is an important part of fitness. These tools will help ensure you are getting the most out of your workout at home, both mentally and physically.
  • For your heart: These essentials will help you get the recommended amount of cardiovascular activity you need.

For your muscles

Resistance Bands:

A cult favorite of strength trainers, resistance bands can transform your body. Like weight machines, resistance bands provide a force against which your muscles must work.

Unlike weight machines, they take up almost zero space and are lightweight and portable. They are also remarkably safe. Johns Hopkins Medicine has found that using resistance bands is one of the safest ways to increase bone strength and prevent osteoporosis.

Start with these 33 exercises for a great full-body workout.


A classic gym essential, if you have only one tool at home, make it a set of dumbbells.

A great way to increase your muscle mass, dumbbells are inexpensive, easy-to-use, and incredibly effective at toning and strengthening your body.

Purchase a set that has rubber coating so they don’t leave marks on your floors and try this 15-minute one-dumbbell workout.


If you are tight on space, there is a ton you can do with your body, your mat and a floor alone! You can build muscle, burn fat and get a great workout without anything other than your body.

Here is a Quick and Simple Bodyweight Workout Routine for Beginners, and some top-rated exercise mats.

For your mind

woman doing yoga on floor

Just one session of yoga can lower your anxiety and stress levels.

Online Yoga Classes:

From thousands of free videos to hundreds of on-demand online yoga classes, it’s never been easier to establish a yoga routine at home.

Yoga can lower your stress levels, blood pressure and anxiety while improving your balance, brain function and bone health. Studies show it can transform your overall health and well-being and can change your body starting the day you begin.

Self-care Items:

Why not incorporate amenities in your workout space that promote an overall sense of health and well-being? Here are some ideas:

  • Keep wet washcloths rolled up in the refrigerator for instant refreshment after a sweaty workout session
  • Store essential oils next to your home workout equipment to put on after a post-workout shower
  • Keep lemon water ready to go in a stainless steel water bottle in your refrigerator to ensure proper hydration.

A partner:

Make sure you have the accountability you need to ensure you keep up with your home fitness regimen.

Take the money you would have spent on a gym membership and put it toward a great personal trainer who can meet you at your home a few days a week. Even easier? Find a friend who would like to workout with you.

towels and candles

Keep essential oils, soft towels and candles in your workout space.

For your heart

Jump rope:

Movement is essential to our cardiovascular health. But there is no need to make it complicated!

Purchase a jump rope and alternate jumping to one song and doing push ups to the next. By mixing up your strength and cardio training you will be able to optimize the benefits of both.

Online dance class:

Have a TV and a den? Make room for a dance part-y!

You can burn as much as 450 calories per hour dancing. From zumba to dance fitness classes, you can find hundreds of classes online that will have your heart pounding and your energy soaring.

Ready to get started?

Join the Healthy Human Lifestyle and Live Life Healthy with us! Our 100% BPA-free, stainless steel water bottles are the perfect addition to any home gym.

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What are your favorite home workout equipment essentials?

Have other home workout hacks? Let us know in the comments below!