This Valentine’s Day, show your partner you love them in ways that mean a lot to them.  

Our packed calendars and overflowing inboxes can make it hard to find time to show your partner you love them.

Sometimes flowers and cards just aren’t enough, and don’t fully express how much gratitude and appreciation we feel for loved ones. Why not try something different this year?

Here are 20 simple ways to show your partner you love them. We hope these relationship hacks make your Valentine’s Day a bit more special and that you find these ideas easy to incorporate in your life – even when it’s not Valentine’s Day.

20 Simple Ways to Show Your Partner You Love Them

Talk to them.

If your partner has been going through something recently, tell them you understand and are here for them. Research shows that even talking about the small things will bring you and your partner closer together.

couple sitting in a field of flowers

When was the last time you asked your partner how they are really doing, and really listened?

Take something off of their plate.

Our lives are so busy. Why not fill your partner’s tank up with gas or save them a few minutes by doing a chore that they hate to do? A growing collection of research shows that whether relationships will last or not often comes down to one simple thing – kindness.


Ask how their day was. Then ask how they are doing in general. Then really listen.

Compliment them.

When was the last time you complimented your partner? Tell her what a great mother she is, or how much you admire how kind she is to people. Complimenting your partner can go a long way toward their – and your – happiness.

Thank them publicly.

Show your partner you love them by giving them a public display of appreciation. Tell them how much you love them in front of friends at dinner. When you introduce him or her to your colleagues, say something along the lines of, “this is my husband, (enter name). He (enter something great he did) and is really racking up the dad points this week!” It will mean a lot to them and feel good to brag a bit!

Leave them a note.

Leave your partner a note in their computer bag or on their desk or pillow. Thank them for something specific like picking you up from the airport last week, doing that load of laundry, or taking care of you when you were sick.

Surprise them with a gift.

Rather than just flowers, give her something additional she needs, like a new pair of sneakers or workout outfit. Leave it for her in her closet or drawer so she is surprised when she goes to use her old items.

show your partner you love them by surprising them

Surprise your loved one with flowers – and an unexpected trip or gift.

Do something nice for someone he or she loves.

Call his mom, or call her best friend and schedule a date for the two of them to have lunch.

Schedule dates for the year.

Rather than just have one romantic night, why not schedule a date night each month for the rest of the year? Send her calendar invites, or purchase a printed calendar and fill it in with creative ways to spend time together.

Try an activity that he or she loves.

Here’s a great relationship hack: Participate in something he or she is passionate about that you don’t usually do together.

Solve a problem.

Does your partner hate the dull knives in your kitchen? Buy him new ones. Is the squeaky bedroom door her pet peeve? Fix it.

Give each other a “cushion.”

Studies show that we all need a little bit more “cushion” time between work and home. You know, those minutes when you both run in the door from work and are there, but aren’t really there yet? Show your partner you love them by giving them a buffer – some space to check the mail and unwind after a long day. This way you can be more present the rest of the evening.

Help him or her achieve one of their dreams.

Does your partner want to sail around the world? Climb Machu Picchu? One of the best gifts you can give them is one that helps make their dream a reality. Start a fund in your bank account to help him save up to purchase a sailboat, or join a local climbing gym.

cinque terre

Does your wife dream of a second home in Italy? Why not surprise her with some Italian classes to help her get closer to her dream?

Take him or her on a spontaneous adventure.

Pick your partner up at work and take them to a place you used to go early on in your relationship, or to wherever you had your first date. Rent a cabin in the woods.

Provide them with options.

Are you both stressed, and just not sure what kind of date night you need? Why not give your partner some thoughtful options? List a few ideas and give her a chance to tell you what she wants most – a date at a hot new restaurant, or a night in together.

Dance your first dance again.

Surprise him by putting on the song you danced to at your wedding. Even better — call ahead at a local bar that has live music, and ask them to play it for you.

Make time.

What’s the best gift of all? It could be just simply making time for each other. Leave your cell phones in a basket next to the door tonight. Even better: turn them off!

Tell them why you love them.

Tell your partner exactly why you love them. If it’s easier, write a list, and leave it on their pillow.

Give them a day or evening at their service.

Don’t let your partner lift a finger tonight! Show your partner you love them by making his favorite cocktail, cooking her her favorite dinner, and doing all of the dishes before she gets to them.

Do something fun.

Have a chocolate or wine tasting night. Do karaoke. Go on a picnic. Have a themed movie night. Volunteer. Go on a hike. Take a class together. Making new memories together will strengthen your relationship.

soup with garnish

Making new memories together will help you keep your friendship and romance fresh.

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What other ways has your partner shown you they love you?

Let us know in the comments below!