Make your home – and yourself – sparkle with these brilliant, natural spring cleaning hacks

A fresh start to spring minus the stress of spring cleaning? Yes, please! As the first day of spring approaches on Monday, keep this essential, holistic list of natural spring cleaning hacks handy. 

Happy spring, everyone!

A Month of Spring Cleaning Hacks for the Busy and Stressed

Use your dishwasher for more than just dishes

Why not use your dishwasher for more than just dishes? Round up your family’s dirtiest dog toys, toothbrush holders and tweezers and throw them in the dishwasher. Just be sure to put any plastic items on the top rack.

Say goodbye to cat and dog fur

They may be our best friends, but they can be awfully messy! Rub rubber gloves and warm water on upholstery where they shed.

They may be our best friends, but they can be awfully messy! Rub rubber gloves and warm water on upholstery where they shed.

Do you feel like you go through thousands of lint rollers a week? If you have pets that shed, put on a pair of rubber gloves, dampen them, and wipe their fur away.

Drink more water

Do a little internal cleansing. Staying hydrated will literally make your skin glow from the inside out, cleanse your system and help your body function at its best.

Get dirt off of your iron

Don’t you hate when you iron a shirt and stain it from build up on the iron’s plate? Put a piece of white paper on your ironing board and cover it with salt. Turn your iron onto the cotton setting and iron over the salt to remove stains on the plate.

Get some fresh air

Did you know that some studies show that the air within our homes is more polluted than the air outside of it? Open all of the windows and doors in your house to air it out and let the sunshine in.

Clean your cutting boards

Those yucky cutting board stains don’t have to be there forever! Sprinkle your cutting boards with salt and baking soda and run half a lemon over the indentations and scrapes to remove them for good.

Use essential oils

Skip those “fresh air” sprays and plug-ins you find at the convenience store. Instead, combine real fresh air with some of these essential oils to purify the air in your home.

Give your microwave a natural steam bath

Toss one cup of water, a splash of vinegar and a sliced lemon or orange in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high for a few minutes until the water starts to boil and the window has steam on it. Let it sit for approximately 15 minutes, then open the door and give it a good wipe down.

Pick up a few plants

Spring cleaning hacks: Add some houseplants to your home to help clean the air.

Add some houseplants to your home to help clean the air.

When NASA needed a safe way to clean the air inside of the space stations, it found that there are several plants that are incredibly effective at removing environmental toxins. Pick up some of these plants for your home.

Get rid of water stains

Have a ring stain on your wood table that’s been driving you crazy? Try blowing a hair dryer over it. Once it’s dissipated, rub some olive oil on the table to condition it.

Give your self-esteem a detox

This spring cleaning season, take a break from negative self-talk. Think of one put-down you often give yourself and set an intention to toss it to the curb.

Throw three things away a day

A growing body of research shows just how much clutter can contribute to our stress and anxiety levels. Throw three things away (or donate them) every day this month, and your house will be clutter-free before you know it.

Clean your rugs with cinnamon

Sprinkle cinnamon on your rugs, then vacuum. It will leave your house smelling sweet!

Use a lemon to clean water stains

Spring cleaning hacks: Lemon is a powerful natural cleaner. Rub it over stainless steel to get rid of any water stains.

Lemon is a powerful natural cleaner. Rub it over stainless steel to get rid of any water stains.

Just slice the lemon in half and rub it over stainless steel to get rid of any water stains in your kitchen or bathroom.

Clean your cast iron skillets

Give them a good scrub with some salt and water.

Use a homemade spray to get rid of odor-causing bacteria

Put vodka, along with a few drops of essential oils, into a spray bottle. Use it to spray your mattress, car seats, sofas, or any other place you may have odor-causing bacteria.

Scrub your glass dishes with foil

Does your glass bakeware need a good cleaning? Roll a sheet of foil into a ball, and put some dishwashing soap on it. Use it to scrub stains off of your glass dishes.  

Clean your coffee maker the easy way

Don’t spend time scrubbing each individual piece of your coffee maker! Instead, fill the reservoir with water and white vinegar and run your coffee maker through a full cycle, just as if you were making a pot of coffee. Your pot will be clean and your coffee will taste fresh!

Reevaluate your style

While you’re cleaning out closets, consider whether the clothes you are putting away for next winter are still a fit not just for your body, but also for your lifestyle. If not, donate them rather than store them.

Spend just 10 minutes a day

Rather than trying to clean your whole house in a day, spend just 10 minutes a day cleaning. You can set a timer on your phone, or make a mental note that you will clean for three songs on your Spotify playlist. In a 30-day month, that’s 300 minutes, or five hours of cleaning, and it will feel like you did it without even trying.

Make your cookie sheets look like new

Mix 1 part baking soda with 1 part hydrogen peroxide. Rub on your sheets and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then softly scrub and rinse it off with water. Tada! No more stained cookie sheets!

Declutter and clean your purse

Did you know that about half of women’s bags have fecal material on them? Ewww! Declutter the inside. Then wipe your purses down with a mixture of gentle dish soap and water.

Clean up wall stains with baking soda

Have some crayon stains or furniture marks on the wall? Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on a damp sponge and wipe them off gently.

Microwave your sponges

Put your sponges in the microwave for 1-2 minutes to kill bacteria.

Use the trash bag method

As you clean each room, bring a trash bag with you. As you find things that you never use or don’t need anymore, put them in the trash bag. Once a week, if your items are in good condition, take the trash bags to Goodwill. If not, toss them.

Make it fun

If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong! Put on some upbeat music, or put on your headphones and talk to a friend while you are cleaning. Not only will you wind up with a clean house, but you’ll get a workout or catch up with a friend in, too!

Don’t forget self-care

Spring cleaning hacks: Don’t forget to practice self-care.

Don’t forget to practice self-care.

Spring is a time of renewal. As you use these spring cleaning hacks for your home, don’t forget to take the time to practice self-care. Treat yourself to a hot towel scrub in the shower to detoxify, reduce muscle tension and relieve stress.

Use salt and soda water to clean your refrigerator

The abrasiveness of the salt combined with the bubbles from the soda water make this a great natural refrigerator cleaner.

Toss a toxic habit

Are you staying up too late? Drinking too much coffee? Toss a habit that’s bringing you down this spring and trade it with something that will lift you up.

Don’t forget your inbox and calendar!

Take some time to catch up on email and start spring with a fresh, clean inbox. Now is also a great time to evaluate your commitments and consider which you may want to take a step back from.

Put more spring in your step by drinking more pure, clean water!

Did you know that most of us are walking through life chronically dehydrated? This spring, ditch your bottled water habit for good – and the chemicals that go along with it – and join us over at Healthy Human in Living Life Healthy! Follow our blog for daily health hacks, and stock up on Healthy Human products so you can stay hydrated and toxin-free this spring.

What do you think?

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