Feeling down? Here are 31 proven happiness hacks to lift you up.

Try one of these happiness hacks each day this month for a healthier, happier you!

Put a spring in your step until spring arrives. Have some fun, lighten up and feel your best by tapping into the happiness these hacks can bring you!

Try something new!

1. Switch up your routine. Stuck in a rut? Change your routine. Here are some creative ways to switch things up this week.

2. Make a new friend. Have a friend crush? Take the next step and set a tea or coffee date. Shy? Here are some tips on how to make new friends as an adult.

3. Connect with an old friend. Studies show that having a network of close, long-term friends can reduce stress and increase our longevity. Here’s how to connect with your old buddies.

4. Plan a trip. Travel gives us a different perspective on our lives and makes us happy. Plus, research suggests trip research alone can make you even happier than actually taking the trip itself!

happiness hacks: Just the act of planning a trip alone can lift your spirits.

Just the act of planning a trip alone can lift your spirits.

Do something fun!

5. Get creative. There is a scientific connection between creative expression and our overall health and well-being. Not the artistic type? Learn how to make kombucha, take guitar lessons or redecorate a room you’ve been meaning to spruce up.

6. Get outside. It’s a fact: Going outside makes us healthier and happier. Even just 10 minutes in the great outdoors can lower our blood pressure, clear our minds and reduce our stress levels. Short on time? Go on a walking meeting or take a “breathing break” outside.

7. Do something you love. When you were a child, did you love to watch the rain on a covered porch? Play basketball? Watch movies? Find your passion by doing something you loved to do when you were little.

8. Volunteer. Studies show that giving really is better than receiving when it comes to increasing our happiness. People who volunteer tend to have higher levels of self-esteem and happiness. Find a local organization who needs your help or expertise and lend them a hand.

9. Exercise. Exercise is practically a physical happiness pill. Here’s why, and here are some tips on how to (finally!) start an exercise regimen of your own. Remember – just walking for 15 minutes with a friend is a great place to start!

running on bridge

Just a few minutes of exercise and fresh air each day can go a long way toward improving your health and happiness.

10. Spend time with animals. Dogs really are a man’s best friend. Scientific research shows that spending time with animals makes us healthier and happier. Take your furry friend for a long walk. Don’t have one? Volunteer with your local animal shelter.

Clean things up

11. Clean up your home. The textile designer William Morris once said, “have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Reducing clutter in your environment could help clear up a cluttered mind. Overwhelmed? Start by throwing out or donating five things each day.

12. Clean up your diet. Ditch sugar, processed foods and overeating and start eating for energy and health. Need help? Find a health coach.

13. Let go of what’s holding you back. Don’t let a person or situation hold you back from achieving your dreams. Consider what you most want to accomplish and what’s holding you back. Is it a person in your life? Lack of self-confidence? Address what’s preventing you from living the life of your dreams.


14. Get more sleep. It is physically impossible to be our happiest when we are sleep deprived (this chart explains why). Take one step today that will help you get a better night’s rest. Here are some ideas.

15. Drink more water. Research shows that even mild dehydration can impact our mood and energy level. Drink more water, and make sure you are drinking it safely.

16. Eat tumeric. Tumeric contains curcumin, a healing agent that can help battle depression and improve cognitive health. Put some in your soups, smoothies or salads this week.

Treat yourself

17. Wear more color. Studies show that color can boost your mood. In a black rut? Here’s some inspiration.

rainbow roses

Incorporate more color in your life. Wear something bright, or treat yourself to some flowers or a new paint color in your bedroom.

18. Practice self care. When was the last time you blocked out 30 minutes on your calendar for some self-care? Take a yoga class, book a spa appointment, or schedule a time to do something that you find truly nourishing and relaxing. Here are some ideas.

19. Disconnect from your cell phone. Our society is more connected – and feeling more alone – than ever before. Here’s why we all need to unplug, and some tips on how to do it.

20. Connect with your community. The cultures who live the longest, the healthiest people in the world and those of us who are happiest all have one thing in common: a great connection to our community. Here are some ways you can connect with others if you’re feeling disconnected.

21. Treat yourself. Life can be hard. You deserve a treat today! Have some dark chocolate tonight or set time aside later this week for something you truly enjoy doing.

cookies and milk

You deserve a treat!

22. Increase your Omega 3 intake. Omega 3s are scientifically proven to make us happier and have been dubbed nature’s antidepressant. Pick up some salmon, walnuts and flax seeds tonight and incorporate them in your meals this week. While you’re at it, try some of these, too!

Nourish your mind

23. Meditate. A growing collection of research suggests that meditation can actually rewire our brain for happiness. Here are some tips for beginners, and here is a great place to start tonight.

girl in the mountains

Meditation can help you establish a sense of calm even when life it crazy.

24. Practice Gratitude. Being thankful makes us happier. Tonight before you go to sleep, think of three things you experienced today for which you are grateful. Repeat your “gratitude session” every night!

25. Try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is an approach to therapy that has been proven to help people reduce anxiety and depression by enabling us to change our thought patterns. Purchase a book about CBT or make an appointment with a therapist if you struggle with stress and anxiety.

Lighten up

26. Use essential oils. Essential oils can lift your mood, help you fight colds, improve your digestion, relax your body and more. Here’s a guide to essential oils for beginners. Don’t have any in your house? Rub an orange peel on your skin and consider purchasing some of these happiness-inducing scents to get you started.

27. Just say no. Over scheduled? Consider saying “no” the next time an opportunity arises that is not a perfect fit for your goals or schedule.

28. Open up. It’s easy to clam up when we’re upset about something or not feeling our best. Confide in someone you love about something that’s been bothering you and you will feel happier immediately.

29. Wear things that make you feel great. Don’t walk through life uncomfortable in your own skin — or clothes! Adorn yourself with clothing that is authentic to you and makes you happy. Take the time tomorrow to wear an outfit that is perfectly you.

30. Laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine. Go out with some friends or turn on Comedy Central tonight to ward off the blues and lighten up!

31. Take action. Have a bucket list? Start planning how you’re going to achieve the things most important to you on the list. Cross one off this week!

pen and paper

Put your life goals on your to do list today.

32. Practice kindness. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line. Compliment someone. Notice how happy it makes you!

33. Be present. Practicing mindfulness improves overall well-being, helps you keep your cool in stressful situations, improves sleep and increases your happiness. Here’s how to get started and enjoy moments of happiness at any point during your day.

Did you know dehydration can alter your mood?

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