Understanding What’s in Your Food – Part II

Understanding What's in Your Food - Part II What’s in your food? Although most foods are required by federal law to have nutrition labeling, the answer to that question might still be unclear. Some ingredients listed on those labels may raise more questions than answers. In Part 2 of our series “Understanding What’s [...]

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Understanding What’s in Your Food – Part 1

Understanding What's in Your Food - Part 1 Reading a food label can sometimes feel like trying to read a foreign language. Unpronounceable words with a ton of syllables seem to have the opposite effect from telling you what you’re consuming. They’re more confusing than clarifying. Even when words are readable, they don’t [...]

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The Ultimate Non-Diet: Intuitive Eating

The Ultimate Non-Diet: Intuitive Eating “A woman knows by intuition, or instinct, what is best for herself.” — Marilyn Monroe We just finished a three-part series on trending diets—check out Part 1 on raw food and keto diets and intermittent fasting, Part 2 on DASH, Mediterranean, and flexitarian diets, and Part 3 on [...]

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What’s that Diet? Part 3

What's that Diet? Part 3 There are so many diets on the market, it can be hard to know which is which. In this three-part blog series, we’re exploring some of the most popular trending diets. Check out Part 1 to learn more about the keto and raw food diets and intermittent fasting, and [...]

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What’s that Diet? Part 2

What's that Diet? Part 2 In an earlier blog post, we looked at a few popular diets: raw food and keto diets, and intermittent fasting. Today we’re taking a look at three other popular diets, which also happen to be some of the top-rated among experts. The DASH, Mediterranean, and flexitarian diets are the [...]

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What’s that Diet? Part 1

What's that Diet? Part 1 Face tattoos. Chris Brown’s enduring popularity. A $700 dry cleaning bag dress. File them under “Things that make you go huh?” While we can’t explain high-fashion plastic, we can take a look at something else that can often be confusing: trending diets. New ones seem to pop up all [...]

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Smoothie Superfoods: Fruits, Powders, and Liquids

This final article in our three-part series on smoothie superfoods focuses on fruits, powders, and liquids. For more on smoothie superfoods, check out Part 1, on spices, plants, and algaes, and Part 2, on seeds, nuts, and oats! (Please note: We love science but aren’t professional scientists. While we have done extensive research for this [...]

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Smoothie Superfoods: Seeds, Nuts, and Oats

In Part 2 of our series on smoothie superfoods, we’re taking a look at the littlest parts of smoothies: seeds, nuts, and oats. Like Reese Witherspoon, they’re tiny but strong and packed with awesomeness. Below are some of our favorite smoothie adds in the categories of seeds and nuts, plus an explanation of why oats [...]

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Smoothie Superfoods: Spices, Plants, and Algaes

We have a nomination for the next superhero in the canon: Smoothie Queen. She saves the world from tyranny, fighting one bad guy at a time, driven 100% by the energy from the smoothies she loves. They’re her superpower. Actually, we can all be Smoothie Queens, ready to conquer the world with the power and [...]

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Secrets to the Perfect Smoothie

Delicious, filling, and packed with flavors: Is it any surprise that smoothies are such beloved treats? The many wonderful qualities of smoothies don’t end there, either. They’re creative, easy, colorful, and fun—not to mention very healthy, when done right. It’s important to do it right, though, because smoothie making does run the risk of ending [...]

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