Your Guide to a Taking a Digital Detox

Need a digital detox? Here’s how to disconnect from everything. Are you feeling like you need a digital detox, but can’t imagine how that would ever happen? Our society is more plugged in than ever before: The average smartphone user checks their device about six times each hour. That means that Americans check their phones [...]

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What Is Hygge?: The Ultimate Guide to Cozy Living

Everything you need to know about the art of living from the happiest people on the planet. What Is Hygge?: The Ultimate Guide to Cozy Living You may have heard a lot about “hygge” recently. The word “hygge” was on TIME Magazine and the Oxford Dictionary’s shortlist for the 2016 word of the year and [...]

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How to Survive Parental Sleep Deprivation

If you’re exhausted, give yourself some extra compassion - and sleep. Here’s how. For many new parents, constant sleep deprivation can feel like a fact of life. But parental sleep deprivation affects more than just parents - it can have an impact on the health and safety of children as well. Getting adequate sleep when [...]

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An Essential CrossFit Guide for Beginners

An Essential CrossFit Guide for Beginners A fitness regimen that coaches people of all fitness levels, CrossFit may be the most popular and most misunderstood fitness trend out there. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s all about or nixed it entirely, it may be time to take another look. The exercise philosophy is helping members of [...]

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14 Healthy Snack Ideas for Spring

Two weeks of 5-minute healthy snack ideas to take on the go this spring Some say the secret to success is preparation. No matter what your personal health goals are, keeping healthy snacks on hand can help you reach them. But it can be easy to get tired of the same old snacks quickly. Here [...]

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How to Live Life to the Fullest

5 steps that will help you live life to the fullest When we consider how to live life to the fullest, we often conjure images of skydiving and cliff jumping. But is living life to the fullest something much simpler? Perhaps for some, it merely entails enjoying each day and not letting adversities and everyday [...]

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How to Be a Good Listener

How to be a good listener: How to compassionately listen in 6 easy steps In a world where the average adult struggles to manage chronic information overload on a daily basis, it’s hard to take time to consider how to be a good listener. When was the last time you had a chance to take [...]

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