Celebrate Earth Day this weekend by doing these simple things to help the planet

Tomorrow is Earth Day! Let’s celebrate! Here are 25 simple ways to celebrate Earth Day this weekend.

Earth Day’s History: The largest civic observance in the world

The first Earth Day took place in 1970 in the U.S. At the time, as V8 sedans slurped leaded gas and factories polluted the air with little fear of consequences, a budding environmental movement began to emerge. Earth Day gave a voice to the millions of concerned citizens who hoped their efforts would garner the attention of Congress and the media.

Many consider that first Earth Day to be the start of the modern-day environmental movement. Soon after, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act and other groundbreaking environmental laws were enacted.

Today, people celebrate Earth Day around the globe, with festivities in more than 200 countries. More than 1 billion people participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world.

40 Simple Ways To Celebrate Earth Day This Weekend

What if every person around the world chose to celebrate Earth Day by doing one of these things?

What if every person around the world chose to celebrate Earth Day by doing one of these things?

Only with continued support and activism can Earth Day continue to thrive and effect change. Here are 40 simple ways you can celebrate Earth Day this weekend.

Make lifestyle changes


Make your home more energy efficient: Install a Nest, unplug unused chargers and install low-flow showerheads.

Sign up for online bill pay: If every American used online bill pay, we could reduce solid waste in U.S. landfills by more than 800,000 tons a year and curb the release of greenhouse gases by 2.1 million tons.

Stop drinking bottled water: For every six bottles Americans buy, only 1 is recycled.

Always use reusable bags: An estimated 1 million birds die each year from ingesting plastic, and a plastic bag can take from 15 to 1,000 years to break down.

Walk or bike instead of drive: Riding your bike to work instead of driving can cut down on your household emissions by at least 6 percent.

Check out your carbon footprint: Take this Ecological Footprint Quiz to see what impact you have on the environment.

Buy fresh and bulk food in reusable containers: Use these reusable green bags when you buy produce to reduce waste and keep your fruits and vegetables fresher longer.

Eat less meat: The livestock sector generates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all cars, trucks and automobiles combined.

Start using a solar phone charger: Try one of these solar panel chargers to give your phone energy without plugging it in.

Shop local: Support a local farm by purchasing your groceries from local growers. The longer your food travels from farm to plate, the larger its carbon footprint.

Skip the bath: The average bath uses 35-50 gallons of water. Take this Water Footprint Quiz to see what other actions you can take to reduce your water consumption.

Give to a cause

Join the Arbor Day Foundation for just $10 and receive 10 free trees that will grow where you live.

Join the Arbor Day Foundation for just $10 and receive 10 free trees that will grow where you live.

Join the Arbor Day Foundation: It costs just $10 to join, and you will receive 10 free trees that will grow where you live as a thank you.

Adopt an animal through the World Wildlife Foundation: Adoption kits are $55, and include a gift bag, a stuffed animal, an adoption certificate and more.

Support a nonprofit that is protecting the environment: Environmental nonprofits need our help now more than ever before. Support one of the organizations on this list.

Give to your local conservancy: Is there a conservancy what protects one of your local parks? Join and make a donation to support their efforts.

Support Environmental Defense: Originally the Environmental Defense Fund, this organization supports a variety of important environmental campaigns.

Join the Sierra Club: Make a donation or recurring gift to the Sierra Club. which leads a slew of important initiatives to protect our environment.

Support your local zoo or aquarium: Many people don’t realize the sustainability efforts their local zoos and aquariums are responsible for. Pay your local one a visit.

Restore our reefs: Become a diver with the Coral Restoration Foundation.

Take action at home

Recycle old electronics.

Recycle old electronics.

Build a birdhouse: Give your neighborhood friends a place to bathe, eat or sip in your backyard.

Start a bee farm: Bees are a critical part of our entire food system, and honeybee colonies are dying in large numbers. Start your own sustainable bee farm to help.

Plant a tree: Plant a tree in your back. Planting just one tree can reduce your carbon footprint.

Plant a garden: Plant an herb and vegetable garden in your backyard and enjoy eating the most locally grown (and delicious!) food you possibly can.

Start composting: Composting reduces landfill waste, emissions and fossil fuels and is great for your home garden and land.

Use environmentally friendly light bulbs: If you haven’t changed your lightbulbs in a while, consider installing energy-efficient light bulbs that will last years and save energy.

Change the products you are using: Many shampoos and soaps contain chemicals that are not only endocrine disruptors, but are harmful to the environment. Buy products that come in sustainable packaging and contain all natural ingredients.

Make sure your faucets don’t leak: Tighten up any leaky faucets to save water.

Recycle: If you’ve gotten lax on the recycling front, tighten up your practice.

Recycle used electronics: There are many ways to recycle the old electronics you have lying around sustainably.  

Use green cleaning products: Choose green cleaning products or make your own.

Show your support of Earth Day

Instill a love for the environment in children and teach them about the importance of Earth Day.

Instill a love for the environment in children and teach them about the importance of Earth Day.

Go to a national park: Enjoy the beauty of nature by visiting a national park if you have one nearby.

Go on a community nature hike: Go on a nature hike with your family, or lead one in your community.

Plant a tree in honor of someone: Arbor Day is right around the corner! Surprise a loved one with a tree planted in their honor.

Write a letter: Write a letter to your representative or senator asking them to support bills that protect the environment.

Go to a local event: Attend an Earth Day event, or plan one if there isn’t one already scheduled.

Host a community clean up day: Gather your neighbors for a clean-up or work day.

Make your own Act of Green: Help the Earth Day organization reach 3 billion Acts of Green by their 50th anniversary in 2020.

Volunteer: Help your park conservancy get rid of invasive species or your local school clean up their fields and streets.

Teach a child about Earth Day: By instilling a love of the environment in a child, you’ll ensure Earth Day continues.

Share these ideas with friends: Remind others its Earth Day this weekend by sharing these ideas with friends!

Celebrate Earth Day with us!

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How are you planning to Celebrate Earth Day?

How are you planning to celebrate Earth Day? Share your ideas with others in the comments below.