Short on time and have a limited budget? No worries!

Here are 10 Ways to Give Back without maxing out your funds or schedule.

It’s a fact: giving back makes us healthier and happier. Studies show that those who give money to charity are 43 percent more likely to consider themselves “very happy,” and 96 percent of people who give back to the community say it enriches their sense of purpose.

Not only does giving back strengthen our communities and our world, but it quite literally strengthens our bodies and minds as well.

  • A Carnegie Mellon University study showed that adults over age 50 who volunteered on a regular basis were less likely to develop high blood pressure than non-volunteers.
  • A study by United Healthcare found that 84 percent of volunteers said that volunteering improves their physical health and helps them recover quicker from an injury, and
  • 73 percent of volunteers say that volunteering lowers their stress levels.

However, only one in four Americans volunteer, and many of us don’t have room in our budgets to make charitable contributions. In a world where our email inboxes are overflowing and our bank accounts are tight, establishing an ongoing volunteer and charitable commitment can be hard.

We’re here to make it easier! Here are 10 Give Back Hacks that help you help others, starting today.

10 Ways to Give Back for the Time and Money Crunched

Treat some firemen, police officers or teachers to a round of coffee or drinks.

coffee smile face

Make someone’s day!

Next time you see a group of first responders, nurses or other people in a helping profession at a restaurant, send a round of coffee or drinks their way. It will make their – and your – day.

Time: 2 minutes

Cost: $2-$6/person

Donate blood.

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. A single car accident victim alone could need as many as 100 pints of blood! Save a life by finding a blood drive or donation location close to you and making a blood donation this week.

Time: Approximately 1 hour

Cost: $0

Participate in a corporate matching program.

table in office

Email your Human Resources representative to see if your workplace will match your charitable giving.

Double your donations to nonprofits by tapping into an employer matching program if it’s offered at your place of work. Approximately 65 percent of Fortune 500 companies will match employees’ donations to charitable organizations.

Send a note to your Human Resources representative to see if your company will match your donations.

Time: 5 minutes

Cost: 50 percent less than if you donated only on your own.

Give donations as gifts.

ways to give back: Give donations to causes your loved ones are passionate about as gifts. It will mean so much to them!

Give donations to causes your loved ones are passionate about as gifts. It will mean so much to them!

If your budget is tight and you’re short on shopping time, giving donations as holiday or birthday gifts is a great way to express your love for someone while improving the world.

Does your friend love animals? Sponsor one in her name. Does your sister love art? Purchase a membership to her local art museum that will support its programs and exhibits.

Time: 10 minutes

Cost: As little or as much as you want to spend on a gift.

Use Amazon Smile.

Amazon Smile enables shoppers to support our favorite nonprofits and organizations at no cost to us. Here’s how it works: You shop as you normally would, and Amazon will donate .5 percent of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.

Visit to get started.

Time: 2 minutes

Cost: $0

Tap into online clicking services.

Many sites offer visitors the chance to simply click on a button and the site’s sponsors will make a charitable donation on your behalf.

A great one to start with is The Hunger Site. Simply click on one of the causes listed: hunger, child health, breast cancer, literacy, the rainforest, and animal rescue. Make it your homepage, or enter your email address and the site will remind you to visit daily.

Here are a few others we love.

Time: 30 seconds/day

Cost: $0

Leverage your skills to help those in need.

Skills-based volunteer opportunities enable you to build your resume, gain experience and help someone all at the same time. And it’s never been easier, as you can easily find organizations online who need your help in a few clicks. 

Time: Anywhere from 1-10 hours, either on a one-time or per-week basis.

Cost: $0

Donate clothes and items you don’t need anymore to charity.


Have some extra clothes lying around? They could make all of the difference to someone in need.

Overwhelmed by clutter? Donating clothes or household items you no longer need to charity is a great way to improve your home environment and help those in need at the same time.

Keep a receipt of your donation and you can include it as a tax write off.

Time: A few hours

Cost: $0

Help a neighbor.

Volunteer to watch a friend’s child or make a dinner for someone on your street who is not feeling well. Have a dog? Pay a visit to a friend with your furry friend or have a cup of coffee with a neighbor who you’ve noticed is frequently alone.

Time: 1 hour

Cost: $0

Become an organ donor.

There are currently 119,000+ men, women and children on the national transplant waiting list and every 10 minutes another person is added. One donor alone can save up to 8 lives.

Becoming an organ donor takes less than 5 minutes and you don’t have to wait until you renew your license to do it. Visit and sign up today.

Time: 2 minutes

Cost: $0

Patronize companies that give back.

Need new shoes? Why not buy Toms? With every product you purchase, the company helps a person in need.

Buying fair trade products reduces poverty and supports humane and environmentally friendly working conditions. Supporting a local company who gives back to your community can make the neighborhood around you stronger.

Vote with your dollar when you shop by making mindful purchases that help the world.

Time: 0 hours/incorporate in your regular routine

Cost: As much or as little as you want to spend

Taking care of the world starts with taking care of you

At Healthy Human, we are committed to Living Life Healthy, and a big part of that is taking care of those around us.

But in order to best help others, you need to help yourself first. Start by joining the Healthy Human Lifestyle today!

Do you have other Give Back Hacks to share?

Did you try these Give Back Hacks this week? Let us know how it went and if you have other ideas  in the comments below!