The Ultimate Bedtime Routine for a Great Night’s Sleep

Your new bedtime routine: 4 steps to a great night’s sleep Most of us recognize the importance of a bedtime routine for kids. Studies show that children who have established routines during early childhood have fewer behavior problems and better cognitive performance. But what about adults? It turns out that establishing a bedtime routine that [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils for Relaxation and Sleep

Incorporate these 10 essential oils for relaxation and sleep into your routine tonight. Essential oils are natural, plant-derived aromatic compounds. Essential oils for relaxation and sleep can help if you are struggling with insomnia or anxiety and are looking for an all-natural way to help your body relax. Powerful and fragrant, people have used essential [...]

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Having Problems Sleeping? 16 Hacks for A Great Night’s Sleep

Having Problems Sleeping? Roughly 60 million Americans can’t sleep. If you're having problems sleeping, try these sleep hacks tonight and finally get some rest! If you’re falling asleep at your desk but can’t fall asleep at night, you’re in good company. Approximately one in three adults are having problems sleeping and are not getting a healthy [...]

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