15+ Creative Date Night Ideas

15+ Fun and unique date night ideas for any budget If you’ve been cooped up all winter, spring is a great time to put some fun and adventure back into your relationship. Here are 15+ fresh, creative date night ideas for you and your partner to try this month. Plan a trip Did you [...]

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What Is Hygge?: The Ultimate Guide to Cozy Living

Everything you need to know about the art of living from the happiest people on the planet. What Is Hygge?: The Ultimate Guide to Cozy Living You may have heard a lot about “hygge” recently. The word “hygge” was on TIME Magazine and the Oxford Dictionary’s shortlist for the 2016 word of the year and [...]

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Laughter Therapy: The Surprising Ways Laughter Can Heal

Yes, it’s a real thing! Here’s everything you need to know about laughter therapy and how it can help you. Is laughter the best medicine? A growing body of research suggests that laughter therapy very well may be! Mark Twain once said, “Before the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” We were all born with [...]

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