Health Benefits of Running: Your Brain On a Run

From runner’s highs to boosted immunity: feel the health benefits of running after just one run. Whether you are in the marathon runner or the “I’m never going to be a” runner camp, it’s hard to dispute the health benefits of running. But is a runner’s high really a thing, and can just one run [...]

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Square Foot Gardening For Beginners

Square foot gardening for beginners: Short on time and space? Here’s everything you need to know about square foot gardening If you live in a city or are tight on time but always wanted a vegetable garden, square foot gardening could be perfect for you. This square foot gardening for beginners guide outlines everything even [...]

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A Guide to Japanese Forest Therapy

What we can learn from Japanese Forest Therapy and how the new trend in the U.S. can help you. If you’ve recently gone camping or taken a hike with your family, you may have noticed how a walk in the woods can make you feel better. As it turns out, spending time in the woods [...]

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